Mississippi Delta 1975

A town begins its slow demise. All its’ young, bright hopefuls are leaving in droves. My street is without sidewalks as the municipality falters. Our house, a squat, low ranch, sits behind a Magnolia. In a kitchen, knotty pine cabinets and tired linoleum, I, six, at the table, sobbing; my young parents already falling out … Continue reading Mississippi Delta 1975

Make Peace With My Bones

            The last leaves of late autumn cling to skeletal trees. They rustle in a bitter wind and I know it is you. This time of year, the merriment of the holidays cannot stave off the end-of- days darkness. It is you, rattling your chains, keeping me from sleep. I could sense you last night, as … Continue reading Make Peace With My Bones


Pet She’s the ugliest cat I’ve ever seen. At least, I think it’s a she. Always hard to tell. Poor thing has horrible breath. Anyway, she’s so ugly she’s almost cute. And obviously desperate for affection. Every morning, she is on the back porch. Sometimes I catch her unaware, closed eyes, face tilted to the … Continue reading PET

Siren Of The West

Tomas, nut brown with wavy hair and wearing a crucifix, presses a plane ticket into my palm. My mother’s pearls bought this ticket. I instinctively touch the base of my naked throat. I have never left Mississippi much less flown in a plane. Tomas hands me his flask and pushes a bitter pink pill onto … Continue reading Siren Of The West


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Thank you for visiting this site. I am delighted that you are reading my work. Writing has been a lifelong passion. I am humbled that the literary magazines noted on this site believed in my writing. It is with gratitude that I am able to share my tales with you.

Hey there! Glad you are here! Please feel free to comment, share, or like anything you see. I have always loved to tell stories; as a kid, and a teen, this got me into some trouble! It turns out, I just needed to write. I started doing that a long time ago, but life had other plans for me. Regardless, here I am and I have enjoyed the ride. Thanks for dropping in.