Femme Fatale

                                                I open my eyes very slowly, as if emerging from a storm cellar after the tornado. A cluster of people peers down at me. A young woman carefully tucks her purse beneath my head. I see her lips are moving and am reminded of the adult voices in a Peanuts cartoon. I try to … Continue reading Femme Fatale

When We Had Wings

Millard Fillmore loved the butterflies. He was confused at first, having never seen one. I struggled to explain that they used to be common; ordinary like birds, I said. That was a mistake since he’d never seen a bird. It took me a while, but I told him all I knew about hummingbirds and roseate … Continue reading When We Had Wings


            A southwest corner of Virginia, surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, is the home to a military college and an elite university. Around the erudite little town, farmland undulates and dense woods are a hunter’s delight. We grew up there. We were every girl in the 1980s. We watched Oprah and listened to The Talking … Continue reading Shenandoah

Hot Flash

Hot Flash I lie in our bed, on the left-hand side, as I have for 17 years. I hope the valerian or the half bottle of scotch will soon put me to sleep. My husband’s chest rises and falls simpatico with the snoring cat. Both are fat and happy. The mattress is uneven; my side … Continue reading Hot Flash


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About Me

Thank you for visiting this site. I am delighted that you are reading my work. Writing has been a lifelong passion. I am humbled that the literary magazines noted on this site believed in my writing. It is with gratitude that I am able to share my tales with you.

Hey there! Glad you are here! Please feel free to comment, share, or like anything you see. I have always loved to tell stories; as a kid, and a teen, this got me into some trouble! It turns out, I just needed to write. I started doing that a long time ago, but life had other plans for me. Regardless, here I am and I have enjoyed the ride. Thanks for dropping in.