Reflections on an 18th Anniversary

Five years have passed since I wrote this post on Facebook. In that amount of time, I assure you, we have had more trials and tribulations but also joy and wonderment, as the above photo from a few nights ago should indicate. I will let the words I wrote then speak for themselves but I will say this; buckle up and try to enjoy the ride.

I won’t tell you about 18 years of wedded bliss; I don’t have them. I won’t tell you that marriage is easy if you are truly in love. I won’t assure you that Love conquers all. I have fantasized about chucking my life and becoming a waitress in Key West. Marriage sucks the marrow of your bones. It skins you and leaves you under a desert sun. It laughs at your dreams and undermines your hopes.

And then, it awakens your forgotten wishes; it uncovers that part of your soul you thought had been shrouded.

Don’t dream about your wedding; dream about being 50 and waking up next to someone who knows exactly how many teaspoons of sugar you like in your coffee, who knows that you think Hemingway was an asshat. Mostly though just don’t forget to dream and especially remember to share those dreams with the person you love.

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