Democracy as a Noble Element


The country that proclaims itself

Leader of the free world

Tarnished and sooty faced

Greedy fingers dipped in

Oil, in coal, in blood, in gold

dried, caked, set

We do not carry forth

banner or flag

no honor to unfurl

A world away rockets

toys of a demagogue

embed in schools, apartments, homes


We wring hands

When we should be wringing necks

We should be carrying our brothers

In arms, in our arms

We should

We should

We won’t

As they lay dying

In their streets, in their beds

Bury us now for we began dying in 2016

Democracy is only alive

When its people stand up for it

2 thoughts on “Elegy

  1. Wow! This is so powerful! Thank you! You express it more how I feel it than anything else I have read. I am not American but I think all the “allies” who wave “democracy” around like its some moral high ground… I think we are all culpable. Putin is not evil on his own.


    1. Thank you for reading and your thoughtful response. I have long been exasperated with American politics. I find Zelensky so compelling and inspiring. I hope sanctions are working but in the meantime I am grasping for any way possible to show support for Ukraine.

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